Travel To The Moon Or South East Asia

I wonder what its like to travel to the moon and back? Its very interesting what Virgin is doing with its great outter space program that lets you fly out of space for a few hours to gaze down and look at the world from a view that almost no people get to experience. Is this the kind of holiday you would like to have? I mean it will set you back anywhere from $500,000- 1,000,000 but at least its now in the grasp of many people know where as before you could not even go to space if you paid $20,000,000! But you know as much as I would love to gi up to space and see the great planet earth from a distance there are many other things I would rather do ON the planet that would be just as fun and interesting while at the same time would set you back a fraction of the cost just like staying at the Grand Park City Hall Singapore. There are places so unexplored or luxuries so awesome that will cost you pennies compared to outer space travel.

I like to travel so much and I think I know a thing or two about what is a good destination or what is a bad destination. I wonder if its possible if I could get a job as a journalist roaming the best countries writing reports for my website on where the best hotels are in the world and what the best attractions are in each city I visit. I would love to own a huge travel blog where there is a huge community of local and international readers that have the same mindset as me. People that love the extraordinary travels. People that love to stay in hotels such as the SwissĂ´tel The Stamford which is one of the best hotels in Singapore. Singapore really has some of the best hotels but this one is even better than you would imagine!

I lived in Singapore for 5 years where I worked at traveled South East Asia. Singapore was my base of attack for SEA and I loved every second of my time there. I was always going to Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia every few weeks when I got some time off work. My job was not high paying but it did not matter because I was living such a good life and spending a lot of time in the cheaper counties of Thailand and Cambodia which will save you a lot of money. Another great place to visit is south America there are so many places to see all over South America for cheap accommodation Brisbane CBD

I hope you try to travel to Singapore its not as expensive as you may think and is really beautifully. I would love to spend my honeymoon there if ever I get married as its so luxurious and has so much to offer for a memorable holiday. So while it may not be as good as traveling to the moon and back with Virgin Singapore and SEA really are close to on par with that type of experience and you will surely have a great time if you try it out!

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