Bathroom Renovations and Rebuilds Design Ideas

Since your bathroom is the most utilised space in your home, there is nothing more necessary than designing a well detailed bathroom. The bathroom builders should consider adding the some upgrading such as separating the shower and tub, making a dual vanity sinks. A do-it-yourself design could also be incorporated, including the changing of fixtures, painting of the walls, changing the cabinets and other hardware.


Selecting a colour palette to match your lifestyle for bathroom and shower area can be your initial plan. Changing the fixtures will add an overall look into the theme you have chosen. The fixtures can come with simple yet elegant design with finishes like chrome, gold-plated, brushed-nickel, bronze-nickel or bronze finish only. Similar finishes applied in the shower can be used to the sink faucets, toilet levers and other area. In addition, a square shower head, spray style, or remote control mechanism to disperse water from shower stall is even better.


Additionally, painting areas other than the tiled ones will make the bath areas look different and will last longer. Changing the toilet facility compliment the colors of the whole area will add a touch as well.

Changing or replacing cabinet and other hardware will also define your lifestyle. You can make some improvements in terms of the quality of accessories including changing the cabinet doors itself. You might as well replace the cabinet vanity and you can do it yourself easily. All you need to do it take a trip to the hardware store and choose the most preferable one for you. In doing so, you can install them with the aid of video tutorials available online.


Adding tiles to the walls, bath shower area, bathtub, walls, backsplashes with a distinct style, other than the floor itself can transform your bathroom to something aesthetic look. The most commonly used tiles are ceramic and porcelain and a wide variety of both tiles come with sophistication and defines a different set of mood when installed with some pattern or design. They can add a specific ambiance to fit your choice of style either Spanish, Portuguese, French, or Italian-styled tiles.

Moreover, the pebble tile can also be incorporated with the color such as black or deep blue shades that will blend the overall theme. Also, lighter one as the tan colour can be installed in the toilet room. If you are looking the service in Wollongong, choose a professional Wollongong tiles installer to do the job for you.


Having a nice and well upgraded bathroom will add a good impression to your visitors and guest who will come in your bathroom. You must transform this space with contemporary as well as functional too. In the same way, the shower area will be admired when it’s even more accommodating to guests. It is where bathroom upgrades on tiling, flooring, fixtures and other hardware achieve a high importance to home improvements.


You can begin to settle on a decision of choosing which style of upgrades you might want by browsing They offer consultations on the different style and types for bathroom renovations and upgrades.