Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Your wedding pictures are special memoirs that are cherished and passed down through generations. It is one of the treasured commemorations of the important event in your life. With these, choosing your wedding photographer really matters! It is really an important decision to make next to choosing your husband or wife.

Indeed, it is not to be taken lightly for it will be a cherished keepsake that reminds of your Big Day. The below steps can help you choose the best wedding photographer to document your special day.

edge photograhy.jpg

1. Think, plan and decide the wedding photography that you prefer. You can choose a traditional approach, glamour approach and combination of photography styles. After your decision, you may choose the photographer who meets the qualification.

2. Decide the type and level of service you want from the photographer. You may want him or her to cover the entire ceremony or have the complete packages. The package may include the prenuptial engagement, dinner photographs, and the actual wedding ceremony.

3. Know your budget. According to research, photographer fees generally cost 12% of the wedding budget. Among those included in the fees are the albums, prints and the talent fees of the photographer.

4. Research for photographer. You can ask some friends and relatives if they have a recommendation. You have to lists all of those names and have a look at their sample works posted online.

5. Choose the top three prospects and interview them by appointment or phone. Upon interviewing, you must ask their expertise, how soon you will receive the prints, and how long it will take them to finish the albums. Also, ask if they can provide e-copy for your future use.

6. After choosing the photographer, you can deal and negotiate with the cost. After closing the deal, you must confirm your appointment with them, plans as well as the reservation.

Following these simple steps can help you choose the best wedding photographer.  Always bear in mind that your wedding photo is worth more than a thousand words. It is something worth the price to invest on and keep it as cherished keepsake to be handed down to your generations to come.