Free Travel Pilgrim to Australia

I definitely love to travel just as anyone does. I thought to myself that I am a born traveler so I am not afraid of landing to any strange place, to live a short while alone and make many friends. Of all the places in the world, I still choose Australia’s weird yet exciting places to be my abode and destination Being acquainted to live in the city does not make it easy to go over and explore the outback country, the rural site and most of the entire less travelled road, to find that sometimes communication are gone! Despite of these, I love to do so. So I was thinking about to join the pilgrim of my uncle from north to south of Australia.

I have been to some places, mostly cities of the mentioned region or districts. Yet I still love to be on the lush green surroundings, full of water ventures and mountain hill top wonders and destinations, to walk on trails, do more mountaineering … its really rock! However, i want to share my uncle’s pilgrim mission so I want to belong. He will take care of our Australia accommodation and of course everything that pertains to our flights and travel expenses. Perhaps west coast of South Australia will be our firs destination. Have to be more prepared with my travel gears for a couple of weeks trip, and surely this will be a great experience to be with someone who carries the heart to do missions other than just mere adventure travels. Beyond this, I need to get more acquainted with other people customs and tradition so to make things easy at all when going far and further for a quest of travels

Who knows, this coming months or years, I could get another free trip to the other part of Australia other than Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide and this coming trip to the south coast.