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How to Disable a Service in Debian Linux

Need to stop a service from running continually on your server, but still leave it available to start it manually?

Why would one want to to that? I can think of 2 reasons:
You are trying to save memory on a small VPS, and you don't need the service to be running continually. An example might be webmin.
You prefer to not leave a service running continually to avoid security risks. An example might be vsftp. You might prefer to start it manually when you need it, and stop it afterwards.  read more »

Procmail + Postfix + Virtual Mail User Howto

This post documents my configuration of Procmail for Postfix using virtual mail users.

A virtual user is one who does not have a "real" Linux user account. Virtual mail users are extremely convenient for handling multiple mail accounts and virtual domains. This configuration allows some (privileged) virtual mail users to receive their email via procmail, and all others via postfix's standard "virtual" transport.

I use postfixadmin for virtual mailbox management, so this configuration coincides with my postfixadmin configuration. (This does not cover installation of postfixadmin on Debian.) Specifically, I use the following postfixadmin settings to define the mailbox structure:  read more »

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